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Kitchen Desire

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The bi-monthly magazine KITCHEN DESIRE, the only magazine thatfocuses only on subject related to modular kitchen, Kitchen Applia nces, Kitchen Accessories, etc.This magazine will brings growth to modular kitchen market and pursue knowledge related to modular kitchen. What is modular kitchen & benefit from kitchen which is modular?

The magazine is circulated among Interior & Architect Designers, Manufacturers of Modular Kitchen & Kitchen Accessories, Traders (Showrooms, Dealers, etc.) who deals in modular kitchen business, limited circulation among Builders, and Educational Institutes, who teaches on designs.

We share knowledge related to modular kitchen industries from both manufacturers / importers of kitchen brands as well as from architect / interior designers who designs modular kitchen via interviews in every magazine.

Products Range
July-August, 2013
September-October, 2013
November-December, 2013
January-February, 2014
March-April, 2014
May-June, 2014
July-August, 2014
September-October, 2014
November_December, 2014
January-February, 2015
March-April, 2015
May-June, 2015
July-August, 2015
Business Line
Bi-monthly magazine of modular kitchen, kitchen appliances & accessories.
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Mr. Kevin H. Desai
Address 1
35, Shalin Complex, Opp. Hotel Jasmine, Fatehpura, Paldi, Ahmedabad - 380007 (Gujarat) INDIA.
+91 79 26643741
+91 9974133311

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